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Gonzalo Jun O. Catan Jr. grew up in an environment where he learned very early in his life, the value of creative, honest work.  His father, Gonzalo Catan Sr., was the principal of the public elementary school in his hometown of Valencia in Negros Oriental.  He is the eldest of three sons and two daughters. 


After completing his high school in three years at St. Paul's College in Dumaguete, he enrolled at the Silliman University in 1953 as an Associate in Agriculture.  He started becoming active in the newly-started 4-H Club where he became the president of the clubs chapter in his hometown.
Through the 4-H Club, he was able to enter the University of the Philippines College of Agriculture with free tuition and books.  He majored in Entomology with a minor in Chemistry.  Throughout the two and a half years at the University, the began applying his training in Entomology, serving as consultant on several 4-H projects.
It was also the 4-H Club that gave him the opportunity to participate in the international Farm Youth Exchange Program where he was sent to the United States to learn about farming techniques and agriculture.
When he visited New England, he met his wife Nancy Russell who was one of the daughters of his host parents.  While in New England, he was offered an opportunity to study for a Masters Degree at the University of Vermont but opted to go back to the Philippines.
He came to Manila in 1959 and became employed as an Entomologist with Botica Boie, Inc.  A few months after joining the company, he presented a proposal for selling pesticides and offering services to the users.  The company encouraged him to venture on his own.  He then started the Manila Pest Control Company and the rest, as they say, is history.